Anthony Castro


Anthony Castro is a visual artist and designer who was in Born in Romblon, Philippines and raised in San Jose, CA and currently works and lives Brooklyn, NY. Castro's art works eloquenty fuses decorative motifs and letter forms to create a harmonious gridded structure. His inspiration comes from the every day ephemeral character of the city and the layered fabric of his environment.

After completing his studies at the Claremont Graduate University, (MFA) Castro moved to Prague, where he made his way painting large graphic murals for dance club spaces. This period was foundational for his future work in creating art and design for interiors, restaurants, retail spaces and store fronts such as Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC. He carried it into his later work for the Museum of Modern Art, where he played an integral role in refreshing the visual and branding direction of the MoMA Design Store spaces. His years there produced memorably elegant and savvy design executions in both storefront and in-store exhibitions. Castro continues to freelance and partner with numerous diverse brands to create graphic identity environments.